Office Hours: Monday – Friday 8:00am to 5:00pm

So you are ready to take the plunge and build your new home. The team at Dave Dusendang Custom Homes is ready to take you on the journey. We take pride in working with our customers and keeping them informed every step of the way.

To get you into your home at the agreed upon deadlines, we plan each step of the building process.

Phase 1 – Initial Meeting

The Dave Dusendang staff will sit down with you to design a wish list for your home plans. This is the perfect time to bring us all those pictures and ideas you have been collecting so that we can craft the unique and personalized home you have been dreaming of. If you don’t have property, we will assist you in locating your ideal building site.

It’s important to establish a budget. We encourage you to visit with your lender or one of the approved Dusendang lenders to determine your budget so that we can create the right home for you.

Phase 2 – Creating the Plans

We will create a preliminary home plan for you based on our discussions. Once these have been finalized we then move on to prepare the construction documents (i.e. scaled drawings of floor plans, elevations etc.) We will send these documents to the lender for final approval.

Now we will help you choose your selections and create what each of your rooms will look like from the kitchen to the laundry room. Bring all your ideas to the table and we will create your custom home. Once the major decisions have been made we will be able to finalize the contract specifications and price.

Phase 3 – Home Building

The Dusendang team will get busy excavating the site, getting your utilities set up and arranging for all the supplies to be delivered at the appropriate time.

Once the foundation is set your home will start to take shape as we frame it. Then we get to work on the exterior of the home. Once the shell is finished, the siding and roofing will be installed. While all this is going on, the electricians, and plumbers will be on hand running pipes and wires. This is when the heating and air-conditioning systems will be “roughed-in”.

Now that your home is “roughed in”, we’ll get to work on the interior. The insulation and drywall is installed and primed. The carpenters get to work on the cabinetry and finish trim.

Phase 4 – Inspections

Through-out the process we will schedule times to meet you at the home to make some additional decisions and see the progress on your home. Prior to giving you full possession of the home we will ask you to walk through the home and discuss any additional items to be completed to create the final “punch list”. We will turn the home over to you once the final punch list is complete and approved by you.

Frequently asked questions

How long will it take to build our home?

From the time we break ground it will take approximately 6-7 months (weather dependent) before you can move into your home.

Can I do some of the work myself?

Building a home is like a puzzle. Certain pieces must be put together before the next piece can be placed. In order to get you moved in to your home in the timeline agreed upon, all the pieces must be placed in order and on time. Dave Dusendang Custom Homes will work with home owners to complete some of the projects provided that they can be done correctly and on time.

Can we make changes to the original home plan during the building process?

Absolutely, we want your home to be custom designed to fit your exact taste and lifestyle.